About Us

Saic Polytechnic Institute A Sister Concern of Saic Group, approved by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), is the largest private polytechnic institute stipend by the World Bank. Skilled human resources cannot be developed without quality education combined with the rapid spread of technology. And technical education is very important to build skilled and experienced manpower. With the evolution of time and the development of technology, the demand for technical education is increasing worldwide. Saic Group strives to meet that need. Saic Polytechnic Institute started its journey with only four technologies in May 2012 with sincere efforts and strong morale. In the first year of establishment, students were able to get admission in all the seats of the sanctioned number of seats. Facing the initial challenge, this private Polytechnic Institute got permission to admit more students by introducing more new technology during the academic year 2013–2014 under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in Dhaka. At present, Saic Polytechnic Institute, Bogura Engineering Campus, operates 08 (Technology) Diploma-in-Engineering Courses under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in Dhaka. Saic Polytechnic Institute campus is free from student politics in order to maintain a proper academic calendar and academic environment for quality education.
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